Meet the Executive Board


President Candice McHargue

Candice McHargue’s love of aviation all began as a little girl. On the weekends she would visit her Dad, and he’d be working in the garage on anything from cars to boats. As the years went by she’d asked questions about how parts and each system worked. Then started picking up tools to help fix the vehicles, and eventually decided she wanted to work with her hands. Candice McHargue attended Vincennes Aviation Technology Center in Indianapolis, IN and received her A&P in 2003. After getting hired on at a local MRO, she attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Management. She is currently with UPS as an Aircraft Maintenance Control Supervisor in Louisville, KY and founded the Louisville Chapter in 2012.


Vice President - Chelsea Smith

Learning to fly has been one of her greatest adventures and becoming an A&P was one of Chelsea's greatest challenges and accomplishments. She gained a great respect for anyone who works behind the scenes to make these birds fly. Being surrounded by so many experts within the industry has not only been a privilege but a joy and the journey has just begun. Chelsea recently obtained her A&P Certificate and is attending EKU obtaining her Bachelor's Degree.


Secretary - Angel Green

Angel Green received her A&P License from Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology (MIAT) after an 18 month technical program. Her career started as an aircraft mechanic at Timco Aviation Services in Goodyear, AZ, doing heavy maintenance on commercial aircraft. The company was sold to AeroTurbine in 2006 and she was part of the core group that transitioned with the company and later became a lead mechanic on one of the C-check lines we ran. In 2013, she joined UPS through their Management Trainee Program and completed her Bachelor Degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  She is now Quality Control Maintenance Supervisor at UPS on their Weekend Operation and actively participate in our local AWAM chapter encouraging young women to pursue aviation maintenance careers.

Meet the Chairs


Membership Chair - Andrea Domeck

As a little girl Andrea would watch airplanes fly overhead and wonder what it was like up there. How could they make such big things fly? Why didn’t they fall out of the sky? She didn’t know the answers then, but after seeing those planes, she knew that one day she wanted to be involved with them somehow. Her love of planes inspired her to join the Aviation Club in middle school where she discovered all the different types of aircraft people flew – not just the ones she had seen as a little girl. After middle school, she was lucky enough to attend a high school with a specialized aviation magnet program. Unfortunately, her dream of being a pilot was short-lived. After three years at the top of her class she was able to fly. However, because problems caused by her treacherous inner ear, her dream of becoming a pilot ended. Though she did not become a pilot, she still found a job in the aviation industry at UPS. Years later, she was talking to a supervisor who had their A&P license.  He told her if you are mechanically inclined and love aviation, why haven’t you gone into maintenance? This planted the seed. Andrea is about to finish her  A&P schooling, whle working in Aircraft Records at UPS.


Communication Chair - June Spencer


Communication Chair - Jennifer Taylor


Scholarship Event Planner & Community Outreach Chair - Jackie Lapacek

Jackie Lapacek is a retired Navy Aerospace Maintenance Duty Officer with 21 years of experience across diverse fixed and rotary wing aircraft.  She has served on the USS TRUMAN (CVN-75), USS REAGAN (CVN-76), and USS LINCOLN as ship’s crew, and on USS KITTY HAWK (CV-63) with VFA-195.  Additionally, she has held staff assignments writing the budget requirements for depot maintenance and updating maintenance policy for Navy and Marine Corps aircraft.  She holds a BA in English from Trinity College and an MBA in Material Logistics Support Management from the Naval Postgraduate School.


Community Outreach & Journalist - Stella Burton

Anyone who has come into contact with Stella Burton knows she is a spirited aircraft maintenance technician. By day or night (according to the job assignment) she showcases her fourteen years aviation maintenance experience working for a global airline company, UPS. In her spare time she not only likes participating in AWAM outreach and community events, she plans and organizes them! Stella says, "The opportunities in aviation are limitless, I enjoy recruiting and sharing my knowledge with today's youth for a better and safer tomorrow." The aviation industry has evolved from and changed significantly in the past 50 years. Today it encompasses many women with college degrees, such as Stella with strong leadership skills. In her future she hopes to exercise her degree and move into a training management position and/or earn her commercial pilots license.


Treasurer - Alicia Henderson

Alicia Henderson has worked with United Parcel Service for 20 years.  She has developed her love for aviation by working in the field and learning more about the inner workings of the business. She has received her degree from the University of Louisville with a B.A. in Psychology.  When she graduated, she immediately started working for UPS Airlines as a Critical Procurement Analyst.  Alicia recently was promoted to SDF Materials Supervisor.  She currently is attending Jefferson Community and Technical College to ontain her Airframe and PowerPlant Certificate with an A.S. in Aviation. She was a member of LINC.

Previous Chairs


Previous Chair - Keith Aultman

At the age of 16 Keith started pursuit of a Private Pilot License at his home airport in Madison, IN. In 1975, at the age of 17, he enlisted in the USAF under the Vietnam Delayed enlistment program and was trained as an Jet Aircraft Mechanic. After an Honorable discharge, he enrolled at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to acquire an A.S. In Aviation Maintenance Technology. He also enlisted in the USNR as a ADJ on the P-3 Orion fleet and also worked part-time as an auto service mechanic at a Daytona auto service center. After successful graduation in 1981, he honed my craft at a number of interim aviation jobs in southern Florida. In 1983, he was hired by Evergreen International Airlines who only needed A&P's during "Peak" at their UPS air operation in Louisville, KY. After lay-off in 1984, he worked for Orion Air who also provided flight crews and maintenance services to UPS.  Finally in 1988 he was hired into the first UPS aircraft "contractors" mechanics training class. In 1990 Keith pioneered the introduction of a Short-term Disability package for Local 2727 members. In 1991 he acquired my BSBA from U of L School of Business. In 1994 he was elected to the Executive Board of IBT Local 2727 as a Trustee. He followed his passion of finance and volunteered for the UPS/Local 2727 Pension Committee. Singlehanded spearheaded the transfer of their 401(k) Plan from the Teamster National 401(k) plan to their current Plan Provider, Fidelity Investments. In 1997 he finally acquired his Private Pilot License and in 2002 he then added an Instrument endorsement. In 2011 he built a "kit" aircraft. After evaluating numerous choices, he decided that the Van's Aircraft Company RV-12 was the best fit for his flight. He completed the build and flight test certification in March 2013.  Current day, my RV-12 has been flown more than 300 hours, with two annual Conditional inspections and two round trip flights to Central Florida. With his passion to share the joy of aviation, he has taken dozens of passengers on exploration flights and allowed them to take control of the aircraft to give them the full experience of flying. He hopes to continue using his RV-12 and the RV-12 being built at Hangar 7 as a tool to introduce the public to the wonders of aviation and the joy of flight.​


Previous Chair - Stephanie Lindquist

Stephanie Lindquist began her aviation career with the Air National Guard Unit in Battle Creek, Michigan as a way to pay for school. She con-currently enrolled in the Aviation Maintenance Technology program at Western Michigan University (WMU) where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree and Airframe and Power-plant (A&P) Licenses. She held a number of various jobs at the WMU College of Aviation in or-der to gain General Aviation and airport operational experience. While in the Air National Guard, Stephanie worked as an Ejection Seat Mechanic on the A-10 Warthogs and deployed to Afghanistan in 2007.  In 2011 Stephanie was hired on with UPS as a part of the Management Trainee Program where she had the opportunity to work in a variety of departments to gain knowledge of the Airline’s day-to-day operations. Stephanie currently works as a Super-visor for the MD11 Maintenance Pro-gram, where she oversees the corrections of Task Cards and the program requirements set by the Aircraft Manufacturer, the FAA and the Reliability department.


Previous Chair Diana Cox